Customer Testimonial:

My company, All Area Trucking, had my trailer repaired at NY-NJ Trailer Supply and their work was great. They did the job right the first time around. I will return for more work in the future. If you’re local or out-of-state, they are worth the trip.

Shaune, Owner


At NY-NJ Trailer Supply we offer many types of service and repair. Listed below are examples of what we offer:

  • Repack Bearings
  • Brake and Drum Replacement
  • Rewire Trailers and Trucks
  • Electrical Installations on Trucks
  • Hitch Installations
  • Welding and Frame Repairs
  • Baskets and Gates
  • Axle Replacements/Upgrades
  • Custom Fabricating
  • Suspension Upgrades

When you bring your trailer to NY-NJ Trailer Supply for an annual service, this is what to expect:

  • Replacement of all bearings, races, and seals
  • Inspection, cleaning and adjustment of all brakes (if applicable)
  • Tire and wheel condition as well as air pressure check
  • Inspection of entire electrical system, including breakaway system
  • Inspection of axles and suspension
  • Inspection of coupler/actuator, jack, and safety chains
  • Inspection of trailer ramp door spring assembly on enclosed trailers

Listed below are the standard costs for the services listed above:
(each price listed is per axle)

2000 LB Idler Axle



2000 LB Brake Axle



3500 LB Idler Axle



3500 LB Brake Axle



6000 LB Idler Axle



6000 LB Brake Axle



7000 LB Brake Axle



8000 LB Brake Axle



Please give us a call at 973-838-1050, we would be more than happy to setup an appointment for you!